Buffalo Chip

  A full rack of ribs, with beans and slaw, will cost you twenty bucks at Buffalo Chip Saloon and Bar, Cave Creek, AZ. Sounds reasonable, even inviting. But seriously, who'd want to eat anything served up at a saloon…
September 21, 2018

Pride and Delight and Joy

Whenever I read biographies of writers (which, given my job as an English professor, is probably more often than the national average), I'm always interested in their friendships. I remember wondering as a girl what it must have been like…
September 19, 2018

Where the Bodies are Buried

Long term pastorates are often recognized and celebrated for the depth of relationships, the continuity and trust that develop over the years. Having served nearly 20 years in the same congregation, I can confirm that this is true and this…
September 18, 2018

The White Stone

As Reformed Christians, we share a bedrock principle with the Lutherans for our following of Jesus: We are saved by grace through faith alone. Theology is a reflection on the faith we hold: It is faith seeking to understand itself.…
September 16, 2018

O Rejoice in All Your Works

“The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw and knew I saw—all things in God and God in all things.” -- Mechthild of Magdeburg “You think you’re special? You’re not so special.” That’s the message, by one…
September 15, 2018

Rod Jellema, 1927-2018

Death has been in the air lately. There were the funerals of John McCain and Aretha Franklin, minutely analyzed in the national media. Here in West Michigan the passing of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos has been getting like treatment, for…
September 13, 2018


There's something about faces. A week and a half ago, Twelve blogger, Debra Rienstra, posted her reflection on the story of Katie Stubblefield, the youngest ever face transplant recipient and the subject of a recent National Geographic feature. I let…
September 12, 2018

Look at This

A couple of weeks ago I had the great privilege of being the featured teacher at "The School of Preaching" held at a church in Nairobi, Kenya.  Having the opportunity to speak with, teach, and interact with around 175 pastors…
September 11, 2018