No fanfare, no earthquakes, no crowd

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by Chad Pierce he is risen. he is risen indeed. He Is Risen. He Is Risen Indeed. HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! For the past fifteen years I have had the privilege of participating in and leading many through Easter worship services. Each year, I, along with many others, try navigate the difficult and abrupt U-turn from Good …

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The Silence of Consummation

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by Steven Rodriguez Not all silences are the same. There’s a world of difference between the silences of cessation, caesura, and consummation. The first is simply stopping, the second is a break in the noise, and the third is the silence of completion. The silence of consummation is the silence of a freshly painted room, the silence of an epiphany, …


St. Francis and Good Friday

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When playing the hero went terribly wrong, and he had recovered from his injuries, Saint Francis came upon a broken down church where he encountered an icon of the crucifixion. Staring at the wounds of Christ, he underwent a change, a transformation of sorts. Soon, the young punk concerned with reputation, wealth, and having a good time, began to spend more time alone, …


Never Wash My Feet

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by Kate Kooyman So here’s the truth: I have really ugly feet. I have a vivid memory of my dad telling me once that my big toes looked like carrots, and he wasn’t wrong, and since that moment I’ve carried an awareness that while I may have lots of ladylike qualities, my feminine and beguiling feet are not among them. …

Experiencing Christ in Holy Week

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 Let us not enter Holy Week with reserved minds intellectualizing our faith, but let us be full of emotion with the audacity to break into a party that we aren’t invited to and pour expensive perfume over the feet of Jesus. Let us not fast for restrictions as to think we could earn the grace of God, but let us …

The Privilege of Witness

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Like many churches, mine is hosting services throughout this Holy Week. On Monday, I was asked to start off the proceedings with a short meditation. Perhaps because I am a teacher, I have been struck quite often of late of the great privilege we have to be witnesses: to notice and celebrate God’s work in the lives of people around us. And I’ve …


The Crucifix of Rocky Figueroa

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Rocky Figueroa was the coolest guy in my junior high. He had long, shiny black hair. His body was developed and muscular when most of us were still very geeky. He was suave and confident. But his secret weapon was there between the shimmering polyester of his disco shirt unbuttoned to his sternum: about four or five curly chest hairs …

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Immortal Sherlock: The Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes and an Author’s Quest to Accept His Place in the Great Story

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by Scott Culpepper Arthur Conan Doyle was done. In December 1893, he finally disposed of the burden that had dogged him since 1888. Ironically, that perceived burden was also the means of his economic success and growing fame. Sherlock Holmes had become odious to his creator and therefore Sherlock must go. Despite the ravenous appetite of a growing reading public, …

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The Crucifixion

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by Trygve Johnson Three weeks ago Friday I am walking from my study at the Kepple House towards Dimnett Chapel. My path moves south along a sidewalk that bends through the Pine Grove like a concrete river. I’m walking slow. My eyes are red. I am sad. Two days before a Hope student, Ruth, was found not breathing on campus. …


Lectures: A Triptych

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“Where did you come from? How did you get here? Who paid?” March 18, 2017 In order to put the current discussion of immigration reform in perspective, these are questions all Americans need to ask. So observed Jose Antonio Vargas, a dynamic, funny, sharp thinker and a successful national journalist. He’s also an undocumented American. Vargas was one of the …