Dad's tombstone

Finding My Father

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By Brian Keepers “Memories come at us helter-skelter and unbidden, sometimes so thick and fast that they are more than we can handle in their poignance, sometimes so sparsely that we all but cry out to remember more.”                                                                                                                                                                            Frederick Buechner, A Room Called Remember The cemetery is difficult to find. Four or five miles off the main high way, …



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by Chad Pierce Not a week goes by that I do not remember. A random glance at my son moves me to tears and gives me great joy. We had just experienced a wonderful Fourth of July weekend visiting our family in Michigan. We played in the lake, watched and set off a few fireworks, and ate too many hot …


Congratulations, Theresa!

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Longtime blogger here on The Twelve, Theresa Latini, was named the first president of United Lutheran Seminary, with campuses in Philadelphia and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, earlier this week. Dr. Latini has been serving as professor of practical theology and pastoral care at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. She will officially begin her presidential duties on July 1, 2017, which is …


Dark Vocation

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Scott Culpepper started a Sherlock thread here on the Twelve earlier this month, and I’m happy to continue that thread here. Future posts on the Sherlock phenomenon are welcome! After months of watching a few episodes a week on Hulu, I’m finally caught up with the CBS television series Elementary, whose broadcast schedule is now reaching the end of Season …


“In, but not of” stuff

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She’d asked me to drop by her class because the topic seemed like something I’d have some thoughts about. That’s what she told me in a FB message, an invite really. She guessed I have thoughts she bargained I could share and would. High school seniors, two classes. “It would be nice if you could visit. . .” I was …


On Being Fourteen, and Dumb

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This is a story about learning the hard way how to be vulnerable. The summer before I started high school my church youth group took a biking trip to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Every day we’d bike for several hours, then pitch camp at a state park for the evening. My friend Tommy was also on this trip, and …

as I lay dying 2

As I Lay Dying: He is Risen Indeed

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by Jane Zwart William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying is a hard read. Published in 1930, As I Lay Dying is a hard read because it assigns each of its 60 or so chapters to one of 15 narrators, about half of whom belong to the Bundren family. Most chapters rely on stream-of-consciousness; that is, most chapters read like …


First and Last

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My wife and I slipped away to Chicago for a few days at the end of the recent Spring Break week.  We got a good deal on a nice hotel and enjoyed some shopping and fine dinners.  The first day or so we were there, it was very windy in the Windy City and the air had a cold …

bright Monday

Bright Monday!

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Bright Monday! Easter Monday. It is a tradition among some Christians—not so much Reformed, but especially Orthodox. This day after Easter is filled with jokes, hijinks, pranks, and assorted silliness. The point is to laugh uproariously in light of yesterday’s grand resurrection celebration. Some even suggest that it is an especially appropriate time for practical jokes and tricks because Christ’s …


What I Love About Easter, Redux

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I am continually struck by the intermingling of cultural and secular ideas with Christian holidays. Spring is my favorite season. I was born in early April, so as a child my fondness for spring paralleled the anticipation of turning another year older. But now that I’m no longer a child, I still like spring. As someone who grew up in …