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Jennifer L. Holberg


Lament and Love

I pause today to honor the memory of Anya Krugovoy Silver, an extremely gifted poet and an incredible woman of faith, who died on Monday. She was only 49, much too young. I only ever got to see her at…
August 8, 2018

St. Martha Takes a Break

At first, I thought it was rather ironic that I’ll be on vacation on the feast day of the woman I consider my patron saint (in a completely Reformed way, naturally): St. Martha. But what’s a feast day for except,…
July 25, 2018

Small Steps at Great Cost

In the seemingly endless parade of things to watch, I want to recommend a recent addition to Netflix: “Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits.” Originally aired on BBC2 this past spring as “Secret Agent Selection,” the 5-part series is a…
July 11, 2018

Navigations of Grief

The poet Donald Hall died on Saturday after a long, distinguished career, including a stint as US Poet Laureate in 2006-2007. Though he had been an important, award-winning writer for many years (see here and here for a sense of…
June 27, 2018

A birthday gift for my dad

When I was a child, I never had any trouble believing in an absolutely loving God because I figured that if God was even half as amazing as my dad, everything would be fine. To be honest, I probably believe…
May 16, 2018

Praise In Season and Out

You may have heard that the weather in Michigan has been crazy of late. Today, our students enjoyed the 80 (!) degree weather as students do: by congregating on our Commons Lawn. But just a two short weeks ago, we…
May 2, 2018