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By Dana VanderLugt inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective: done on purpose; deliberate. Synonyms: calculated, conscious, intended, purposeful I talk to my writing students about audience all the time -- “Know your audience,” I tell them, “Your tone, your style, your voice depends on your…
February 10, 2018


by Dana Vander Lugt I’m a sucker for all things nostalgic -- old photo albums, worn notes or ticket stubs. I can’t resist the “On this Day” Facebook pictures that pop up, showing me my posts and memories from this…
July 20, 2017

Saving up Stories

By Dana VanderLugt My grandpa passed away last winter. One of the things I miss most is saving up stories for him. My family still gathers around grandma’s table every Sunday, and most weeks my husband, kids, and I are…
February 26, 2017

Hidden Hope

by Dana VanderLugt During the summer, my schedule permits me to take a walk nearly every morning, just after sunrise. I pop in headphones, tune into a podcast, and head for my favorite path. Quiet neighborhood sidewalks open into a paved…
February 19, 2017


by Dana VanderLugt Definition: (Adjective) At an equal distance from the extremities of something Synonyms: Center or Midst, suggesting that a person or thing is closely surrounded or encompassed on all sides, especially by that which is thick or dense;…
February 12, 2017


by Dana VanderLugt In her recent book, Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist describes a metaphor for prayer -- a bottle of salad dressing, the vinegar resting on top, oil at the bottom. When you pray, she writes, “pour out the…
February 5, 2017