Civil Discourse

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by Rebecca Koerselman Experiences inside and outside of the classroom have taught me that most people are interested in telling you what they think and why, not listening to hear what others have to say. My experiences in the college and high school classrooms have shown me that young people have opinions, but are fairly open to hearing new ideas …


Tribal Council

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by Debra Rienstra When I was on the Perspectives board years ago, I used to refer to our semi-annual meetings as “tribal council.” We gathered in ritual fashion around tables laden with good food and we laughed together and encouraged each other. Tribal council was not so much about making policy—after all, we were just trying to run a little …


All In

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by Jason Lief For the past five years or so Perspectives has been living on the edge of non-existence. Every year at our board meeting someone would ask the question: Should we just be done? We’re not the only magazine to ask the question. The last few years have seen dramatic changes in journalism with well-known magazines calling it quits. …


It’s Voice, Theirs

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by James Schaap It was, as I remember, an Emerson, a tiny off-white boxy thing with a circular dial, maybe an inch or so bigger than a box of chocolate-covered cherries. That little Emerson sat up in a shelf-space my dad built into the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom, where it held forth daily. Never moved. For most …


The Scarlet Reader

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by Sarina Gruver Moore I once joked to a class that I am a promiscuous reader. They looked at me like I was the Bad Influence their parents warned them about. “I’m quoting Milton,” I protested weakly. “And what he means is that we should read widely, indiscriminately. From the Latin.” I don’t think I convinced them. I’ve been a …


“You have to read this.”

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by Kate Kooyman I do a lot of speaking in churches about immigration — and I often get a question about assimilation during those talks. Why does it seem like immigrants these days aren’t “becoming American” like they used to? Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell’s post about Iowa churches burning to the ground, The Hollander Fires, is something I’ve retold so many times …

Marvelous Deeds

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Last week while I was visiting my sister and her family in Seattle, we attended a Thanksgiving service at University Presbyterian Church.  In a short meditation, UPC staff member Marisa Gulbranson Gronholz reflected on 1 Chronicles 16 as a text that provides an important model for thankfulness: gratitude, she argued, is a function of remembrance and revelation. Remembrance because we …


Dear Twelve Readers

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by Jes Kast Dear Twelve Readers, Do you know how much I have grown to care about you? What started as a side blogging project for me has turned into a relationship with real readers who I am in communion with and care about. Emails received and personal conversation at Reformed family gatherings (otherwise known as General Synod) because of …


Generously Reformed

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by Chuck DeGroat I’m grateful for this opportunity to appeal to readers of The Twelve to give generously so that Perspectives and The Twelve can continue to provide what I call a generously Reformed vision for life and faith. Let me explain what I mean by this. I’ve had the privilege of ministering and teaching in a variety of places …


There Are Lots of You Out There!

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by Scott Hoezee My involvement with Perspectives goes back to the 1990s when I occasionally wrote articles that I was thrilled to get published. By the year 2000 I was invited to join the Board of Editors and then later became Book Review editor and then a co-editor. I have fond memories of laughter and deep discussions with people like …