Pious Petunia Ponders the Rituals of Spring

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Spring favors those in the springtime of life. Or does it? Today, guest columnist Pious Petunia features letters from younger correspondents and offers gentle wisdom to soothe the peculiar confusions of youth. Dear Pious Petunia: People in my school spend upwards of $500 on prom night for the dress, the hair appointment, the manicure, the dinner, the dance, the limo, …

Debra RienstraPious Petunia Ponders the Rituals of Spring

Rebels and Yanks

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Chickamauga was a very costly Confederate victory. The total of 16,000 Union casualties was second only to the Battle of Gettysburg that summer, but the Confederate Army lost even more–18,000. No matter. After significant defeats at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, for a moment in time, the Rebel army could hold their heads high after Chickamauga, the huge battle (the Rebel line …

James SchaapRebels and Yanks

Why Hospitality?

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Rev. Katy Sundararajan is back at The Twelve today. She is the Th.M. Program Administrator and International Student Advisor at Western Theological Seminary and works part-time as an RCA missionary with her husband, JP. They have the unmeasurable joy of sharing God’s Word with those who cannot read with Audio Scripture Ministries. Katy and JP have two children who beg them …

Thomas GoodhartWhy Hospitality?

On Reading 1 Corinthians 12:1-13

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We welcome Annie Reilly today, who continues to fill in for Jes Kast-Keat in May. Thank you, Annie. 1 Corinthians 12:1-13 In our DNA is this need to compare ourselves to others and be better. I mean, it’s deep in our DNA, like Cain and Abel deep. According to Paul’s letters to the early church in Corinth, it sounds like …

the12 editorOn Reading 1 Corinthians 12:1-13

The Bible Alone?

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Last week I sat in on an oral Ph.D. dissertation defense that focused on a Bible commentator from the 17th century.  Among the propositions the student listed as topics he’d uncovered along the way was a curious item that caught my eye; namely, that in the 17th century people who were equally serious about Scripture used the Bible to defend …

Scott HoezeeThe Bible Alone?

Loving (or even liking) Difficult People

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It is common to the human condition, unless you live in isolation and never have any contact with any one. Some people are just so very difficult to be in the same room with, let alone love. Chuck DeGroat’s book, Toughest People to Love, explores the task of loving people that drive you crazy, annoy you, irritate you, and make …

rkoerselmanLoving (or even liking) Difficult People
Bob Kerry bridge Omaha

Baptismal River on Trinity Sunday

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by Deb Mechler Once I stayed overnight in Omaha, Nebraska, because my flight got in late, and I don’t trust myself to drive the three-hour trip home when I am tired. I decided to take my morning walk over the nearby Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge that connects Omaha with Council Bluffs, Iowa. It is a graceful structure that spans the …

the12 editorBaptismal River on Trinity Sunday

Summer History Reading

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Only six more days till the Memorial Day weekend, kids, so it’s time to get serious about those summer plans. Top of the list for a heady group like you is reading, and top of the list of subjects to read about is—to judge by the virtually infinite market for Hamilton tickets on Broadway—American political biography. Take it from a …

James BrattSummer History Reading


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Two weeks ago a friend and I took a bike trip. I bought a book—Road Biking Minnesota—so we drove up to Willmar, Minnesota, the place where I was born and lived until the 6th grade. I’ve been back many times but this time felt different. We stopped in front of the address where my old house used to be, it burned down years ago …

Jason LiefPilgrimage
no one reads your blog

What happens to the blogs no one reads?

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I’m one of the original twelve. (No, not apostles.) I’ve been blogging here for the past five years. And I am quickly approaching retirement. This is my second to last blog, after which I will yield my place among The Twelve to someone with a fresh voice. As I near this end, I face questions that I’ve asked myself all …

Theresa LatiniWhat happens to the blogs no one reads?