How to Be a Good Neighbor, Pregnancy Edition

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I’ve noticed that there seems to be a different set of rules that apply to women who happen to be visibly pregnant. People feel free to comment and touch things that they would never do otherwise. Is it because a visibly pregnant woman is so noticeably fecund that many of these basic rules of etiquette disappear? Or is there a …

rkoerselmanHow to Be a Good Neighbor, Pregnancy Edition


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by Randy Lubbers Disgusting, both inside and out. If you take a look at her, she’s a slob. Bimbo. Miss Piggy. Such a nasty woman.                    –Donald Trump Whatever else one might say about these words, one thing we can surely agree upon: These aren’t benedictions. Benediction means literally “to speak well of.” To bless someone with our words is to …

the12 editorBenediction

The Immensity of the Cosmos

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by Thomas A. Boogaart I have always loved running. As a boy I ran up and down Lyon Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on my way to grade school. As a teenager I ran cross-country and track. As a middle-ager, I ran to stay fit. I still run when I find the time, and I try to run in the …

the12 editorThe Immensity of the Cosmos

Taking Science to Youth Ministry

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This past Wednesday my good friend Andy Root from Luther Seminary led a workshop for youth leaders on the topic of “Science and Youth Ministry”. Seems like a strange topic I know—what does a Wednesday night youth group gathering have to do with Einstein’s theory of relativity? Usually if you were to see a title like this you might think it …

Jason LiefTaking Science to Youth Ministry

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

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(Photo: flickr user Rolands Lakis) By Kate Kooyman When I was a kid, my aunt was babysitting me while my parents went out of town. She must have said something about God that piqued my interest, and I asked her, “Is God a boy or a girl?” She pulled her Bible off the shelf, and showed me a place where …

the12 editorShe Moves In Mysterious Ways


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One of my colleagues regularly keeps a commonplace book. Commonplace books have a long and interesting history, but they are basically just personal compilations of quotes the individual finds uplifting, convicting, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy. Not quite a diary, commonplace books nevertheless mark out the intellectual and spiritual journey of their writer. We can tell, for example, that George Eliot …

the12 editorCommonplaces

Where Are You?

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by Chuck DeGroat It’s the very first question God asks after Adam and Eve’s fall from grace. They are hiding, as we all do. But God makes an incarnational move. God moves toward them, searches them out, and when God finds them they are clothed by the Divine Seamstress. God’s movement toward them signifies an indelible message–I am your God. …

the12 editorWhere Are You?

Election Stress Disorder and the Mind of Christ

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By Brian Keepers Two Sundays ago, a parishioner pulled me aside after worship and asked, with tears in her eyes, if I would pray for her neighborhood. “This whole election is tearing our neighborhood apart,” she lamented. “Somebody sent an anonymous hate letter to a neighbor who has a ‘Trump/Pence’ yard sign, and now people are taking sides and won’t …

the12 editorElection Stress Disorder and the Mind of Christ

Prayer for Illumination

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by Randy Lubbers When first even the least drop of faith is instilled in our minds, we begin to contemplate God’s face, peaceful and calm and gracious toward us. We see him afar off, but so clearly as to know we are not deceived…. …However much we are shadowed on every side with great darkness, we are nevertheless illumined as …

the12 editorPrayer for Illumination

Too Late

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Last Friday, when the Trump video hit the news like a meteorite, my spouse spent the day watching the reaction in the news media and Twitterverse and reporting back to me every hour. By evening, we were floating on waves of Schadenfreude, wickedly enjoying the pile-on. Eventually, standing there in my kitchen placing pepperoni on a pizza, I felt the …

Debra RienstraToo Late